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Local News Covers what the Men Are Doing

I can’t believe it took me this long to notice the flagrant gender disparity in our local news broadcast!  I sat there and counted and said, “All men, all men, all men.  Huh.” Watch your own local news and let me know if you see the same thing.  Women really are an afterthought in our society.  We’re this sexual non-entity that isn’t a full human being in the world of men.  What we think, accomplish, do, and feel is SECOND to what they think, accomplish, do, and feel.  Are we REALLY just now coming awake about this?  Am I just really realizing this?  How embarrassing.

First, the leading newscasters are men.  Yes, there are women but they portray a feminine role of “little sister” next to the men.  They aren’t dressed authoritative and businesslike.  They make sure they are slim, have long hair, perfect complexion, perky breasts and are wearing a dress and heels.  They rarely lead off the newscast though. The men speak forward with a strong tone of voice and dominate the newscast.

The next thing I see is the all-male police force in some local town giving the run down on usually a male criminal.  Then I see coverage of a road rage event whose perpetrator is also a male.  Then I see a case of drunk driving that is almost always a male.  They show a scene of a courtroom where the judge, lawyer, and person on trial are all males.

Next is the sports.  The sports news desk is covered by a male.  The sports event that took place had all males on the team.  They rarely if ever cover females in their sports, but there are plenty of women on sports teams all over the U.S.  Then they interview the male coach.

If they ever interview a woman, it’s about some charity event she’s running or a school story and they want to know how her kids like the school or a child care issue.  So, one would think that’s all women do; charity and child-rearing.  That’s just absolutely freaking hilarious.  Oh, and don’t forget about the local bridal show.



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