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Esperanza Spalding


This is a gorgeous song written and performed by Esperanza.  Have a listen.

I was taking a break tonight from reading my new book, “Synchronicity”, decided to go pick up a snack.  I was in the dark car and felt like playing with serendipity and not actually “choose” the CD there in the dark.  I reached for whatever and popped this in.  I skipped forward, driving along, and it landed on this song that I hadn’t listened to for a year and a half.

I got as far as the next street and realized the last time I listened to this was when my mate Michael was alive, a year ago.  He was on life support a year ago from March 2nd-March 13th, 2016 for pneumonia.

We had planned on getting married, totally enjoyed each others company, never fought (seriously), laughed all the time and were in love.  Sure there were a few hitches but not many!  We were both convinced we were twin flames; two peas in a pod.

Yeah, that pod exploded when Michael died within fifteen minutes of walking out my front door.  I got him to the ER in a matter of 10 minutes, he got wheeled into the ER, passed out and stopped breathing five minutes later.  He never regained consciousness.  His lungs gave out that quickly.  The rest of the story is in the book I wrote about the synchronicity in my life, not all around death of course.

As I listened to this song, I remembered back to all the thoughts and feelings I had planning my future with Michael, now gone.  But I never really heard or processed the part about “the dream” because when I knew Michael I couldn’t relate to it.  I always wondered about the meaning though.  Now I know the meaning.

They say if you die in a dream, you die in real life.

Well I just died in your arms, lost in your eyes.

And I know this must be a dream, cause I feel I could fly to heaven.

They say if you live in a dream you’re hopelessly lost.

But this ain’t a silly ole’dream, our paths have crossed

And maybe I’m hopelessly lost but somehow I managed to find…


Where was I, feeling this song and these words tonight?  With him or here in my life on Earth?   Michael did find “heaven”.  I’m still here. but Michael is still with me.  I can feel it when he’s here, so part of “the other dimension” is with me.

I’m convinced that our minds and hearts can be aware of other dimensions no matter where we are.  Tonight it was in my face.  My mind literally could feel being between dimensions.  Synchronicity adjusts time and takes us wherever our minds want to be.

Just now, I heard him say, “I love you baby”.



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Instead of watching the Inaugural…

I ratcheted up the volume and sang and followed the lyrics to R.E.M. “Ignoreland” just to get it out for two minutes.  How long has this been going on?  I’m trying to imagine how the hippies who were born in the 50’s are feeling.  I was born in 1963 and we still had all kinds of reasons to resist, and did.  I’m doing inner anarchy with love now and it’s changed my life and others lives.  I think it happens one person at a time.  It seems like a slow slog but patience is a virtue.  Keep your own peace.

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Meditation Music (that’s fab!)

Many people know who Wayne Dyer is.  He passed last year but he is still with us in other ways…of course.  I found this today online.  It’s the best meditation music I’ve ever heard…so beautiful and it’s what he and his children used when meditating.  The actual music starts at 7:24 and goes for about 50 minutes. During the first seven minutes he talks.  Essentially, the “God tone” sounds throughout and connects one directly to Source.  The note is a “C” with some overtone in there (that I hear, probably the 3rd and the 5th making it a P5).

Wayne says it reverberates the “I Am that I Am” from the Torah.  Like so many of us, Wayne was raised in religion, (Catholic), and became a Spiritual teacher and author.

May you have inner peace and calm during this interesting, if not potentially disturbing time.  Keep the faith.  Pray for serenity and love.  Enjoy!

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Introverts Theme Song- OR…NOT! “People” by Barbra Streisand

This is a little personal. I sang this song to a full house when I was 17. I had the lead in “Funny Girl”-the stage version when I was a teenager. Big Whoop. Ok. I have to admit, I did not enjoy it. It’s a long story. I felt so controlled by all of it. I never felt like I really chose it. I have never enjoyed any performance aspects of my life. I’m an introvert you see. So, the words, “People who need people (extroverts) are the luckiest people in the world. We’re children, needing other children. And yet letting our grown up pride hide all the need inside, acting more like children than children.”…sounds like what an extrovert would say. Just read some threads on Facebook full of angry extroverts and you’ll see how childish they are. Fanny Brice was an introvert wishing and seeing herself as an extrovert. It wasn’t working for her. Look at, or listen to all the lyrics of this song. They are unique in a very extrovert focused world.

Well, introverts are the opposite. We DO show all the need inside through our writing, our stand up comedy, our acting, our singing, any or our performance that shows the authentic, brilliant pathos of what it is to be human. That is a gift. But it’s not easy to let all of that flow out. Fortunately, most of us feel driven to and it becomes our work. And sometimes, we feel like we live in a world that could just suck us dry!!!! *****sigh****

The character Fanny Brice was definitely an introvert, a talented singer and performer, very funny (as many introverts are) but she wished she was an extrovert and people treated her like she was one. I never thought about this before!!! It just hit me today. The whole play and the movie is about the experience of a woman who was a talented, artistic, introvert. But she WISHED, and she wanted to be an extrovert. She was in love with a man that seemed to want a woman who was an extrovert. She was raised in a family that was extroverted. It was a prized character trait. It still is.

Oh, jump off a short pier…all of it. We see the world differently. Many introverts now are very content in and of themselves and small circle of introvert friends. I’m done with relating to Fanny Brice, Jewish diva and all (I’m Jewish too). The deeper I go into my dream world, my creativity, my writing, the more fulfilled I feel. Maybe I’ll finally get to a point where I can do all the piano composing I’ve been dreaming of doing and be at peace in a small, comfy body.

People who need people are not the luckiest people. They may be the richest, but they’re not the luckiest. We have a different way.